Falk (19)
Falk (19)Regional Manager Asia & Finance
Best travel memory: one week cultural sight seeing in Jerusalem
Favorite travel places: Austria

Alex (22)
Alex (22)Project Leader (Marketing & Public Relations)
Best travel memory: snorkeling with manta rays at Western Australias Ningaloo Reef
Favourite travel places: Iceland, Wolf Rock in Australia

Janine (25)
Janine (25)Regional Manager South America
Best travel memory: Machu Picchu, Scuba diving on Easter Island
Favorite travel places: Chile, Costa Rica, New Zealand

Nils (24)
Nils (24)Project Leader (Partners & NGOs)
Best travel memory: climbing Haiku stairs on Oahu
Favorite travel places: Hawaii & Iguacu Falls

Sarah (23)
Sarah (23)Regional Manager Africa
Best travel memory: chilling on a rooftop in Porto with my best friend doing absolutely nothing
Favorite travel places: Portugal

Louisa (23)
Louisa (23)Marketing
Best travel memory: snorkeling with wild dolphins in Dunedin
Favorite travel places: New Zealand, Norway, Italy, Thailand
Sophie (22)
Sophie (22)Travel Blog
Best travel memory: magical moments at the Ohio Renaissance Festival
Favorite travel places: Ireland, Scotland

Rosie (22)
Rosie (22)Marketing & IT
Best travel memory: sitting on top of a 120km/h fast car through the salt flats
Favorite travel places: Tioman Island, Patagonia, Lombok

Carolina (23)
Carolina (23)Regional Manager South America & Europe
Best travel memory: road trip across Sicily
Favorite travel places: Italy, Spain, Austria, Argentina & Chile