YAWE Foundation

Help improve the livelihood of a community by supporting socio-economic development of children, adolescents and young adults.

About the project

The YAWE Foundation (Youth and Women Empowerment) envisions an enlightened society with the help of socio-economic development. We operate in a variety of areas, such as orphanage support, HIV sensitization, skills development, income generation, ICT literacy,  information sharing, and community and environmental education. Our mission does not only entail the education of children but also enables young adolescents and adults to flourish and experience the benefits of lifelong learning. Our mission is to create an improved standard of living for the community where unity and solidarity allow an improved livelihood for everyone.

Help to improve the socio-economic development of a community!

Already financed: 10%

About the homestay
The homestay is located in western Uganda in the city of Fort Portal. The YAWE Foundation is close to many gorgeous tourist attractions. Especially the Kibale National Park is located just around the corner. It is home to many chimpanzees and other monkeys. You can do chimpanzee trekking, but there are also a lot of great hiking opportunities nearby.
Furthermore, YAWE offers great options to get to know the local community and the Ugandan way of life in our project, for example local dance classes or the production of local crafts.

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  1. Unique insights and experience with YAWE

    Before starting the review, just a brief scope of our stay at YAWE: we stayed 2 nights at YAWE and did 1 day trip with Kigere Tours to Kibale National Park and the surroundings.

    Project: George (*the director) and his team are really passionate about the project and will give you readily all information you are asking for. The project itself offers a broad range to the youth, from learning how to do bakery or sewing or haircutting and it is great to see how the youth are into their activities.

    Food & Drinks: no breakfast and dinner onsite as the sleeping room is basic and no people staying at the housing during night. But George is always willing to show you a nice local place for dinner and also spend a lot of time with you.

    Amenities: don‘t expect a lot of comfort, but for basic it is enough (no wifi, most of the time running water, electricity ok)

    Leisure: this is just great! Fort Portal is really located good and the tour we did with Robert from Kigere Tours was simply amazing! Really flexible as well to customize your trip!

    In total it was a very unique experience with YAWE and we are really grateful for this. Thanks to George and Robert and hope to be back one day!

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