Tenikwa Wildlife

Tenikwa Wildlife rehabilitation and awareness center

About the project

Tenikwa has its beginnings in 2002 when the owners started rehabilitating injured birds in a wooden shed behind their house. By now we are one of the largest wildlife rehabilitation centers in the region and have a specialized wildlife hospital. Tenikwa takes in injured or abandoned wildlife, rehab them and then release them back to the wild where they belong. All programs have a focus on the indigenous wild cats of South Africa and guests can learn about the challenges the wildlife is facing. Tenikwa employs over 30 permanent members of the local community and gate takings are used to fund our rehabilitation and conservation programs. Tenikwa stands for ethical wildlife tourism and responsible wildlife experiences.

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About the homestay
Tenikwa is located near Plettenberg Bay. Only 40 minutes from Knysna and part of the Garden Route one of the most scenic and spectacular roads in the world, with many touristic attractions along the way. The region is well known for its many natural attractions, protected National Parks, and vibrant coastal eco-tourism activities.
You have the chance to get to know the work of Tenikwa up close. Included in every overnight stay, there are tours through their premises with the once in a lifetime experience encountering the animals in their natural surroundings.

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