Support an orphanage for children in need whilst experiencing Africa!

About the project

Shangilia is a children’s home with an attached elementary school in a slum of Kenya’s capital Nairobi. At present, about 250 children are being cared for in the home which was founded by Kenyans in 1994. In this school young people are provided with a solid future and are supported to become socially responsible members of Kenyan society.
Training is the key to the future in Kenya. In addition, mental health and self-confidence are also important aspects taught at Shangilia. Since its founding 25 years ago, the stage has played an important role at Shangilia. The diverse creative activities on the stage and in front of an audience encourage self-confidence and social skills. The children are encouraged to develop each according to their own individual talents and possibilities. They have a roof over their heads, plenty to eat and are supported by qualified teachers and social workers.


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About the homestay

In Shangilia, visitors receive a look into the day-to-day activities at the school. They provide a guesthouse where you can stay and experience Kenya. Furthermore, you can use the skatepark, play football with the children or use the playground.

In your free time, Shangilia can offer tours to the Giraffe Center, the Sheldrick Elephant orphanage house in Nairobi, the Karen Blixon house or Karua forest. We will try to comply with any special request.
We offer a four or a ten-day tour to either Lake Naivasha or Massai Mara.


1 review

  1. lovely Stay

    My stay was very nice. I was warmly welcomed and immediately felt comfor
    able. I slept there for 3 nights.

    You sleep in an apartment next to the school. The apartment is shared with other guests, but of course you have your own private room. Shared rooms are the living room, the kitchen and the bathroom. In the kitchen you also have the possibility to cook your self a hot meal if you like too. Otherwise, the housemother serves you delicious meals 3 time a day, if you like too.

    The kids were super nice, polite but not afraid. They were happy to ask questions and were always happy when I took time for them.
    The housemother and the director showed me around and explained what the concept behind Shangilia is and how it works.
    They also have a large garden where they grow their own vegetables. If the harvest is good, even a part is available for sale.
    In addition, the children have a large playground with a skate park and a theater stage.

    I loved the stay in Shangilia. You’ve got everything you need and when a problem arose, I was gladly helped. The staff and the kids at Shangilia were very friendly, welcoming and kind. However, if you want to have some pace for yourself you are more than welcome to be on your own. I’ve got great insights into the work of a non-profit organization and I am very grateful for that experience.

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