Shades of Hope

Help to provide a better education for children.

About the project

Shades of Hope was established in late 2014 with the goal to provide a safe space where all children, regardless of gender feel empowered to dream big through to good access of education as the only tool to transform future generation to a meaningful life. Shades of Hope is a non-governmental organization dedicated to supporting children in need through meaningful education which is a toolkit for success. With your support, they can help to back up those dreams by providing a better education. They have 28 kids currently and want to expand to welcome more than 400 kids from the surrounding villages in the near future. Helping them to have a better chance in the future.

Help to finance the education of children!

Already financed: 7%

About the homestay

Shades of Hope in Arusha offers you amazing insights into Tanzanian culture and the work of the school.
You can stay here and experience the day-to-day life of the organization. Shades of Hope is located near Arusha Tanzania which is just 30- 45 minutes from Kilimanjaro airport. Shades of Hope is also only half an hour outside Arusha national park. There, you have a great view of Twin Mountains Kilimanjaro and Mt Meru and you can see all the animals that Tanzania has to offer. They can even organize affordable safari packages for visitors.

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P. O. Box 5029
Arusha Arusha Tanzania
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