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RAREC is a wildlife rescue center. Our core mission is the rescue and rehabilitation of confiscated or injured species for their future release. Our center also serves as a research facility for Amazonian wildlife, with the goal of protecting existing wildlife populations.

Our base for field operations is our rescue center, which serves as a protected sanctuary. Its programs are aiming to revitalize populations through the rescue, rehabilitation, and reintroduction to the species’ normal environment. We aim to replicate the success of similar programs abroad. Building a strong support system is the best method for those species to regain a solid footing in their habitat of origin.

Locally, there is little awareness about the need of these species, nor the importance of the ecosystem, or its protected status. Thus, RAREC’s rescue and rehabilitation program is complemented with different programs. These programs include youth education, training in alternative sources of income, and our medical campaign programs. Our focus lies on the people living in the remote communities of the Amazon. By offering them viable alternatives to poaching, and by offering them an incentive to become involved in conservation, we will help protect the wildlife living in the vicinity of these communities.

Programs focused on environmental education and sustainable development are the most important aspects of our mission statement. They will become the key to reaching an understanding within the local community. This is why we emphasize the importance of conservation efforts, and how precious the commitment to conservation should be to all of us.

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About the homestay
The homestay is located in Iquitos, in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon. You have the chance to experience the magnificent tropical rainforest, with all its astonishing nature and its animals up close. There are many options to do day trips into the Amazon and get a feeling of why it is called the “earth’s green lung”.
Additionally, you can see the everyday work of taking care of the animals, that RAREC supports.

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