L’blend Creative Space

Support the empowerment of children in arts, technology and entrepreneurship in Morocco!

About the project

L’blend is a creative space located in the southern Moroccan city Tiznit.
We blend art, technology and entrepreneurship, to create a platform that drives social change.

Our local youth is drowning in inactivity. Owing to that fact, we work on exposing them to the three fields of arts, technology, and entrepreneurship, which we strongly believe are central pillars of social change. And so, as we educate them in these three fields, each depending on their primary interest, we emerge them in an environment that supports them, nurtures their skills, and unleashes their full potential. As a result, we move from education to production.

The youth of our city benefits from our services and activities without any charge.

We founded L’blend Creative Space to establish a culture of creation. We hope to give our local youth the mindset to look at problems from a perspective with which they can create solutions. We aim to counter the culture of inactivity that has struck our generation. We want to give them more than just a space on land. We want to give them an experience, through which they can conciliate with who they truly are and impose their respect. All with the hope of seeing them create their own initiatives to create a positive impact within their respective communities.

Help to develop tomorrow’s talents!!

Already financed: 4%

About the homestay

L’blend is a creative space located in the southern Moroccan city Tiznit. It was established in a 50 years old house that we entirely renovated.
The homestay has a shared room for up to 4 people. We have a library, working spaces, a roof-top terrace and you are free to take part in our activities. We offer free spaces for dancing and artists as well as for local entrepreneurs a place to work and exchange ideas.
Tiznit is located in the South of Morroco close to the sea. The city offers many opportunities to be explored, the old stone wall or the picturesque old town takes you to a Morroco from a long time ago, the time seems to stand still here. L’blend also offers city tours to explore this city.

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315 Bab Targua
Tiznit 85000 Tiznit Morocco
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