J’Ann Royal Children Centre

Help to finance a school in Ghana and support the local community

About the project

The J’Ann Royal Children Centre provides a low price or free education for children from their community, Medie, and some others next to us. Apart from that, we are helping families that struggle financially by hosting their children. This also helps some of our students to maintain going to school. All in all, about thirty people (teacher, students or other staff) are living here in a friendly, loving atmosphere. The school is lead by Joseph Chardy Lamptey, who is also sleeping here most of the time. He is always open for new people and new points of views, so you would never hear a “No” to a nice conversation. If you need an advice or maybe a contact, he is willing to help.
Joseph founded the NGO in 2012 to help his community and the citizens in it because, unfortunately, poverty plays a big role here in the outskirts of Accra. You can find lots of pineapple or other fruit farms around here and there are also some companies, but most of the people don’t earn a lot of money which is why the money is mostly not enough for school fees or books. So Joseph decided to quit his job as a successful accounter and do something for his people in 2012.
Starting with 30 students the school grew bigger to 400 students by now and some of them have also passed their final exams successfully which would be not possible if there hadn’t been a lot of support by Joseph’s family, who are very included in the school either as teachers or in the kitchen. This is also a reason why there is such a nice atmosphere every time you step in.
During the week, you can experience a normal school life at J’Ann. Every Wednesday their worship takes place. This means that all our students from the age of 5 (and sometimes some younger ones) to the age of 16 are praying, singing and dancing together with our teachers. Friday is FUNDAY and they are playing games, playing football or doing some scholar competitions.
Our goal is that every child, no matter which financial or family background, has the opportunity to go to school and in consequence is able to become financially and mentally independent which is especially important for the girls.

Our current financing goal:
We are currently building a roof for the eighth classroom which we need some money for. Even though it is expensive, the roof is really necessary because we did not have a roof yet so that we had to stop the lessons every time it started to rain.

Help to finance the roof, so the children can go to school!

Already financed: 0%

About the homestay

You have two options:
1. be in the thick!!
You sleep in one room in their school and get in touch with everything. Meet the children in the morning and spend some time with them. Do some sports or just do your own thing. It’s up to you. You can do everything, you must do nothing but enjoy a great J’Ann-experience.
– bed
– fridge
– electricity
– fan
– mosquito net
– school washrooms
(6 Euro)

Breakfast including egg bread and tea can be added if asked in advance via e-mail (1 Euro).
Lunch also available for 3 Euro.

2. Comfort zone
Here you have your own room in a house five minutes from the NGO. You would stay in Stanley’s house who is part of J’Ann. This place is a little bit calmer and you can spend a little bit more ME-Time but if this is too boring, Stanley is always open for a talk or a cold beer. His mother is also living there but she is openminded and willing to meet new people.
– bed
– toilet
– shower
– mosquito net
– fan
– kitchen
(8 Euro per Night)


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Medie, Greater Accra,
Medie, Greater Accra, Ghana
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