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Help families with health education.

About the project

We are a Peruvian NGO working in the villages of San Isidro, outside of the metropolis of Arequipa, and Coporaque, in the Colca Canyon. Our team consists of motivated volunteers from all over the world working in Germany and Peru. Our goal is to fight the poverty in these villages by providing tools for the children to achieve an autonomous community, where Intiwawa as an organization is no longer needed. We want to contribute to the integral development of the children and their parents and encourage them to improve their living standards and fulfill their dreams. Another goal of ours is to fight widely spread domestic violence and child labor. To achieve these goals and fight the main symptoms of poverty, Intiwawa carries out projects in several areas: Educational support, Health promotion, Strengthening sociocultural values, Strengthening environmental values.

Help to finance the the empowement of children!

Already financed: 8%

About the homestay

Intihouse is a high-quality house available as a long-term accommodation for Intiwawa en Acción volunteers. The house has several spacious and furnished rooms, comfortable lounges, bathrooms on each floor, a large kitchen for everyone and a terrace with a beautiful view of the city. Located in the center of Arequipa, the house is two minutes from Plaza de Armas with cheap supermarkets, ATMs, rich Restaurants and bars around. The space of the house is also available for the team of Intiwawa to come together to plan activities and hold weekly meetings. As a safe accommodation
for the volunteers and office for the Intiwawa team, Intihouse offers fundamental support for our humanitarian work.

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  1. Great NGO

    Great organization which is always trying to improve itself.
    Intiwawa is open for everyone who is motivated to fight poverty and enhance the children’s living standards. You can really make a difference.

    I loved staying at Intihouse!

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