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About the project

The Heaven Hill Academy currently welcomes 100 students, aged 3-10. All students from the village are welcome, regardless of caste. The academy focuses on helping students whose parents are unable to pay for school fees, uniforms, books, stationery, and meals.
Currently, we are constructing grade 6, to expand our school and our teachings. Furthermore, we are starting a computer lab to teach computer skills to the children, and a gardening project to teach the children about agriculture, horticulture and science. The items produced from the garden will also be used in the cooking class, where we teach the children about hygiene, nutrition and cooking.

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Already financed: 60%

About the homestay

Heaven Hill Academy is located in a beautiful part of northwestern Nepal on the top of a hill with stunning views of Annapurna. It is the original abode of the royal family of Nepal that later relocated to Kathmandu. The small palace and courtyard still hosts traditional festivals that attract many people from all around many times a year. Gaunshahar is 4km uphill from Besisahar, one of the starting points of the famous Annapurna Circuit trek.
The homestay includes four shared guest rooms inside a traditional Nepali eco-roundhouse made from stone and a metal roof, and space to set up tents. The cost includes three meals (Dal Bhat) filtered water, cold shower and WiFi. Our food is sourced almost entirely from local ingredients and they can easily accommodate vegetarian diets. Next to the house, Bimala has a local shop where you can buy snacks, drinks and other items.

1 review

  1. Two great weeks of volunteering in a remote place

    I stayed there for around ten days and everyday was a highlight. This project is due to its initator Shamser a fully success! He puts all his energy in it and is such a nice person who enables the children a valuable education!
    While my stay there where 10-15 other volunteers. Seems alot, but there is plenty of work and tasks so it never gets boring. Shamer shares his home with the volunteers. It is very basic and you share the room with other volunteers.

    While my stay in spring it was raining in the evenings and at the outside area there was not enough place to sit and stay dry for everybody – but we already started to build a bigger roof to fit all the volunteers. That shows also that Shamser also appreciate the needs of the volunteers and immediately plans a solution for the problems.

    Due to my travel plans it was not able to stay longer. The two weeks flew by way to fast. If you are in Nepal and want to give the locals something back or just want to be part of a wonderful project – go for it and just send Shamer a message via socialbnb.

    Ps: For more and precise informations you can also find the project on workaway.

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