Go Pang Na

Help Mr. Thy rebuild his school and pave the way for local children to learn English!

About the project

Mr. Thy is a local Tuk-Tuk driver who built up his own little school right next to his house. Three times a day, kids come to learn English on top of what they are learning in public school. The children are grouped into three classes, according to their age. The German non-profit organization Labdoo donated 14 Laptops for the children in Pang Na to give them the chance to improve their English skills. The laptops are provided with special (English) learning games and worksheets.
Unfortunately, the former school building has become inaccessible
due to the last rain season.
Your payments will be used to further enhance the learning environment, rebuild the school and finance the teacher.

Help to finance new English Books and teaching equipment for Mr. Thy!

Already financed: 89%

About the homestay

Go Pang Na is a homestay where you are integrated into a local family and the community of a village. Here you can experience how most Khmer people live. Explore the area with its beautiful landscapes or help to pick rice on the rice fields. Furthermore, you can participate in a guided tour to local temples and a nearby animal rescue center. When the kids hear that foreigners are in the village, all of them are coming over to Mr. Thys house. They are eager to show you Khmer games and music as well as teach you how to dance in the Cambodian way.

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  1. Incredible experience

    In Pang Na you forget about all your worries or other problems. Despite the mosquitos and the stifling heat, the week I spent in the village was one of the most relaxing and impressive times of my life.
    The inhabitants extended a warm welcome to us, so we felt like being home from the first second on.

    Mr. Thy, his wife and the two daughters took care of me and my friends; they cooked tons of food for us and were courteous the whole time we stayed there. They and all children of the village showed me what it means to be happy, although parts of Cambodia are still struggling due to its history. However, the people of Pang Na were just thinking about better times in the future. It was great to see that Mr. Thy has built up his own school right next to his house. He wants the children to get good jobs in future times. Everyone in the village is such happy that foreigners come to the village and talk English with them and especially the children. Everywhere we went, a loud and friendly “hello” was shouted out of the properties.
    Visiting the temples nearby the Animal Rescue Centre was a great experience as well. They were very calm, one of the temples looked like “little Angkor Wat” and except for us there were no tourists at all. Mr. Thy gave us interesting insights into the Cambodian religions and culture, not only at the temples, but also in the everyday life in the village. For me, there was no better way to get to know Cambodia.

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Pang Na Village, Chongruk Commune, Kong Pisei District, Kampong Speu Province Pang Na Village, Cambodia
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