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Help to make our world more sustainable!

About the project

Eco House is a nongovernment organization that aims to promote sustainable development through education and volunteering. They are a group of people who want to make the society more sustainable and fairer. The Eco House has many different projects: free workshops about the environment at schools, certification of firms to be sustainable, events to cultivate environmental awareness, urban gardening courses and a volunteering program. Their current campaigns are “Be careful with the cigarrete butt”, “Water is gold” and “Music for the planet. For more information feel free to visit their website:

Help to make our world more sustainable!

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About the homestay
The Eco House in Buenos Aires provides a BBQ area, a garden, a terrace and free WIFI. The Eco House also offers the opportunity to take part in their activities or courses like Yoga and Kung Fu. The homestay is located close to the Plaza Serrano. The small lakes of Palermo and the park El Rosedal are also easy to reach. The homestay is therefore a perfect place to stay sustainable and the best starting point to explore Argentina’s capital and largest city.

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  1. Tunisie

    Es ist ein schöner Ort

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