Africachild e.V.

A village for young mothers

About the project

Africachild supports young mothers in Kenya. These young mothers are usually victims of rapes, forced marriages or prostitution and have little future prospects with a child:  the girls lack the simplest knowledge, skills and means to ensure themselves and the child’s survival. As mothers of illegitimate children they will be rejected or are ignored by the family and the village community.
In the Africachild Village, pregnant girls and young mothers who have been expelled from their families are cared for with their children in a round-hut village in the border region of Kwale.

The girls receive a familiar warmth there, psychological and socializing advice, medical and material basic care. In addition, they receive educational and training aids: on the one hand educational incentives that strengthen their role as women and mothers, on the other training impulses that enable them to earn money for their small family (household, kitchen, tailoring and hotel industry). Local Kenyan social workers and supervisors work as well as international volunteers while coordination takes place from the organizations headquarter in Augsburg.

Help to support the life of young mothers in Africa!

Already financed: 4%

About the homestay

Africachild Village is set on 8000 m² of land just 800m away from the white beaches of the Indian Ocean. It consists of small, simple round huts for sleeping and living, a wash house, an open community house, a bush kitchen, training building for dressmaking and hairdressing training and the Babycare house.
Outside the village there is a lot to explore. For example Mombasa just one hour north of the project or beautiful Diani Beach which is one of the prime locations for vacation in Kenya.
Furthermore, stunning Tsavo Nationalpark is just 200km away.
At the Africachild Village you can relax from your Safari adventure and get to know the project.


Attention: At this homestay only female guests can be accommodated!
Thank you very much for your understanding!

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