Socialbnb is an online platform that connects travellers with NGOs from all around the world. It is an innovative approach to help local NGOs to become financially independent from donations. At the same time, we give travellers the chance of experiencing locals and their culture up close.


1. “Sounds great, but what is an NGO?”

NGOs are non-governmental organisations, which means that they are private, non-profit and independent of governments and international governmental organizations. Most of the time, it is a group of people driven by one common interest attempting to solve humanitarian and ecological problems. While NGOs may work on an international, national or local level, socialbnb’s focus is on local NGOs that have major difficulties in financing their projects due to the lack of donations.


2. Our Idea

Most NGOs have unused space that can easily be turned into lovely accommodations for travellers. By choosing to host travellers, NGOs are able to become less financially dependent on donations. Travellers, on the other hand, can directly connect with locals and experience their culture while exploring the world from a different point of view. There is also the great side effect of helping NGOs out without having to work for it and yet getting an insight of what NGOs are actually doing.

3. Our Realization

We created this innovative online platform to connect travellers and NGOs for mutual benefits. NGOs from all around the world can register on this platform and list their unused bedrooms. Travellers can book well-prized accommodations and this way engage socially and/or economically by helping to finance projects. Using this concept we represent a social and sustainable alternative on the hospitality market.

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