Socialbnb is an online platform that connects the growing number of travelers with NGOs that offer unused rooms as temporary homestays. It is an innovative approach with the objective to sustainably stabilize the cash flow of NGOs and reduce the donation dependency of their social projects.

Socialbnb is part of Enactus from the University of Cologne. Enactus is a non-profit, student-run organization that attempts to make the world a better place with the help of sustainable entrepreneurial projects. The Socialbnb team consists of thirteen students that share the same passion for traveling with the mission to help NGOs to be more self-sufficient.

NGOs are non-governmental organizations, which means that they are private, non-profit and independent of governments and international governmental organizations. Most of the time, it is a group of people driven by one common interest attempting to solve humanitarian and ecological problems. While NGOs may work on an international, national or local level, Socialbnb’s focus is on local NGOs that have major difficulties in financing their projects due to the lack of continuous donations.

We have general guidelines on our website as to what kind of projects we support.

We are in constant exchange with the projects, we have a quality check process in place to assure the trustworthiness of the projects we support. Every project is carefully selected by our team before being listed on our website.

The amount charged for an overnight stay should be calculated according to local hostel prices of your region.


For travelers

Before booking

On our website, you can see all the projects where you can stay. Currently, we are represented in Peru, Cambodia, Kenya and Nepal but expanding to other countries in South America, South East Asia and Africa.

You can book a stay by filling in the booking request on this website. Please fill in the day of your arrival and length of stay. We will get back to you immediately.

If you wish to cancel a booking, send us an e-mail 48 hours before your stay.

We advise you to book at least 48 hours before your stay.


After booking

Once we receive your booking request, we will process the request and will get back to you within the next 24 hours to confirm the request.

You pay the NGO directly on-site.

The NGOs listed on our website are not able to sign up immediately. First, they are checked by one of our team members and assessed with respect to our guidelines before you can book them on our site. The money is to be used for a specific goal that is set in advance (e.g. English books for the children), thus you can see what your money is used for.

By going to the project page on the website you can see how much of the project has already been financed by travelers.


For aid projects

If you wish to sign up for Socialbnb contact us first at and tell us a little bit about the project, goals and overnight stay possibilities. The team member responsible for your area will contact you!

The amount charged for an overnight stay should be comparable to a hostel price within the area. Ideally, 50 percent of the price should be able to cover the costs of the stay and thirty percent should go into the project itself. The remaining twenty percent will go to Socialbnb to maintain the online platform.

That depends on which guidelines you are not able to meet. If you struggle with providing adequate furniture for an overnight stay, one of our team members might be able to help you with organizing the room in such a way that you are able to do so.