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FAQs for travellers

There are two cases of our homestay concept.

In both cases you stay directly or near to the NGO:

First case: The NGO already got rooms for volunteers, who do not always use the rooms to stay the night.Together with the NGO we create a calendar system to use the rooms most effective.

Second case: We create a homestay together with the NGO and use rooms, which have not been used until then. With our guidelines and trainings we build a space for a pleasant night with the positive side effect of social engagement.

FAQs for projects

The range of aid projects we support is huge. Our so far 5 listed NGOs helps the local community in education, HIV/AIDS awareness, protection of the rain forest and many others.

Socialbnb is open for every NGO willing to improve the circumstances of the local population or even the major social and environmental  issues we are facing today.

Our business model guarantees that 80 % of the price paid goes directly to the NGO and the aid project. 50 % to cover the costs of the NGO and 30 % as benefit for the aid project. The other 20 % are to fix our costs and to invest in innovative tools for our website or legal advices for example.

Contact us if you have got any further questions.

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