Experience rural life still close to Phnom Penh and give the fund to improve life quality of vulnerable people.
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About the project

“Cambodia HIV/AIDS Education & Care (CHEC) works extensively in local communities to improve health care &support services, education and training awareness related to HIV/AIDS, Gender Based Violence and homebased Care Program”. They offer training courses to improve key management skills of people in NGOs, government agencies and other organizations. Their aim: Educate, raise awareness and change behavior related to HIV/AIDS. Read more about their project.

About the homestay

In Sa Ang – 50 minutes from Phnom Penh – you can stay optionally in the homestay at CHEC’s office. There is a bedroom with a wardrobe in junction with bathroom and toilet. There’s also a kitchen available for cooking. Inside of the office, they have a space for youth to come and discuss on HIV/AIDS, Reproductive and other youth issues with the district youth leader. You have got access to free drinking water there. The alternative homestay offers a bed, a wardrobe and some space outside the house. Moreover, breakfast, lunch and dinner are included there.

How your overnight stay supports Chec

Already financed by your help 50%

You finance...

HIV/Aids awareness campaigns!

What you can expect from your booking

  • Rooms: 2 homestays, each has 1 bedroom with classic bathroom

  • Foods and Drinks: Meals are available (breakfast, lunch, dinner), drinking water is included

  • Amenities: Kitchen to cook, mosquito nets, electricity, internet

  • Leisure: Get in touch with the organisation and talk about HIV

  • Price/night: $20 (only in cash)



Really enjoyed the hospitality there. Great way to travel with a better conscience!

Tanja, 23, Student

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