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Explore Siem Reap by bike with Butterfly Tours, a local students initiaive and stay with them overnight!
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About the project

“Butterfly Tours is a locally-run, Cambodian students’ company that seeks to introduce visitors to the rich yet often unseen interiors of Battambang, Siem Reap, and Kampot. All our tours are led by local student leaders – a majority of whom come from the countryside themselves – who are keen to share their extensive knowledge about Cambodian communities, its people, and traditions.
Visitors taking our tours are guaranteed an experience like no other; besides viewing truly local and stunning sights, you will simultaneously be supporting an eco-friendly and sustainable effort that directly benefits rural Cambodian communities.”
The tours and fruther information can be found here.

About the homestay

“Battambang, and Kampot. Our homestay program marks the next level of our connection to local Cambodians, allowing them to open up their homes to visitors.
This enables a two-way engagement that allows visitors access to a truly local Cambodia, and at the same time financial viability for local Cambodians beyond their typical day-to-day living.”

How your overnight stay supports Butterfly Tours

Already financed: 40%

You finance...

…new bikes for the tours led by local students

What you can expect from your booking

  • Rooms: 4 single rooms

  • Foods and Drinks: Breakfast and dinner are included as well as drinking water and the kitchen to cook

  • Amenities: Fans, Internet, bikes, mosquito nets, electricity (batery)

  • Leisure: Discover the temples of Angkor and ride through local cambodian villages

  • Price/night: $59 (short bike tour included)



The bike tour was well organized and our guide was very kind and knowlegeable about the history of Cambodia.
We went to amazing off road places, not on the tourist trails. I got to know the local lifestyle, which was great. I’d highly recommend it!

Arne, 24, Worker

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